Systems Management Server 2003 R2

Systems Management Server 2003 R2 is now available from Microsoft. The key new features include:

  • Inventory Tool for Custom Updates (ITCU)
  • Scan Tool for Vulnerability Assessment

You can find more information and an evaluation version here.

Shared Service Provider

I’ve just completed an installation of Office SharePoint Server 2007 and I encountered a problem when I was trying to add a Shared Service Provider to the new farm. The documentation states that one should create a web application to host the SSP and when you create your SSP you just select the web app that you have. But in my case the list of web apps were empty, no matter of how many web apps I created.

So I turned to stsadm to create a SSP instead, wich worked perfectly. Just run stsadm.exe -o createssp to get a list of options for creating your SSP.

Unable to Change Admin Password Using Sysprep

One thing that I find myself doing alot is using Virtual PC or Virtual Server to create demos and test new applications. I’m using a syspreped .vhd file in order to get a clean server up and running in just a few minutes. One thing that have bugged me with my image is that even though I’m instructed to set the local admin password during the mini-setup it wold not change it.

So what’s causing this behaviour?

According to KB200607 the password on your master image, the one that you run sysprep on, must be _blank_, now how’s that for security?!?

Session OFC406: Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Development 2: ASP.NET, Web Parts, Master Pages, Field Types, and More

Just attended a very interesting presentation on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. The agenda included:

  • ASP.NET integration
  • Pages
  • Web Parts
  • Custom Field Types

The session was held by Ted Pattison from Gorilla Training, the slides and saple code are availible to download from his site. And I really recommend all SharePoint developers to check this out, if you don’t already know all about WSS 3.0.

Ted has also written an article on WSS that’s worth reading.

Microsoft launches Forefront

Today at Tech Ed Microsoft launches a new name for it’s security suite of products called Forefront.


Microsoft Forefront will bring business security products with greater protection and control through integration with the existing infrastructure and through simplified management. Forefront will include protection for both clients, servers and the network edge.

Below is the current roadmap of the Forefront technologies.